Easy, Fast and Beautiful

As a to-do lists tool, Getodo has very clean and intuitive interface. Both the web client and iOS app are well designed for speed and elegance.

Unlimited Sub-lists

You can create sub lists after sub lists. This is really natural for your daily things which can be broke down into smaller, more do-able bits.

Send Reminders to Others

You can send someone a task with optional reminder by simply @him/her. You will be notified when the task is completed/deleted/reopened.

Tasks Review

While most other similar tools focus on what you need to do, Getodo allows you review what you have done. This helps you to adjust your time allocation and improve the productivity.

Shared Lists

All sub-tasks under a shared task are also shared. A good usage is to share a shopping list with your family. Anyone could add/remove items from the shared list.

Gestures and Cool Animations

Gestures are used for almost all task management, such as swipe to complete/delete tasks, drag and drop to re-order, promote or demote tasks. And the animations are really cool.

Seamless Cloud Sync

Tasks among devices and the web client are seamlessly synced. You can easily input tasks from a browser and they will appear on your devices immediately.

Beautiful Themes

Getodo provides you 5 free beautiful themes and will provide more in future. Just enjoy them and personlize your own Getodo.

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